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Business Concept


We help golfers finding and booking their golf breaks in a structured and efficient way online on our digital platform.
It is fast, easy and convenient for golfers to find and book their golf breaks online on our digital platform.

Price Guarantee
All golf breaks in our program can be booked online with price guarantee.
This means that the price by booking online on our platform is the same as when golfers buy directly from a destination.

Golfers can free of charge take advantage of our digital platform, products and services related to online bookings.
Golfers travelling in larger groups of at least 15 people can benefit from our 1000 DKK campaign.




We want to make it fast, easy and convenient for golfers to find and book their golf breaks online on our digital platform.

We want to increase the revenue stream to the destinations in our program.
We want to increase the sales efficiency and sales quality for all parties.

We aim to be the preferred and leading online booking platform in Scandinavia selling golf breaks.




We have a strong focus on quality, efficiency and profitability.
We prioritise resources for customer support, creativity and development.

It is top of our mind to provide the right service to the right golfers.




We have been active since 2009 and we are very well known by the majority of golfers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
Today we are the preferred online booking platform for thousands of golfers in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Our digital booking platform is extemely convenient for the golfers to use and highly eficient for all parties involved.
Thousands of bookings are made via our digital booking platform every year.




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